Super Bowl 52 Gathers 10,000 Volunteers

Roughly 30,000 hopefuls applied for the volunteer committee and Crew 52 represents 42 states.

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – For the first time in 25 years, the Super Bowl is coming back to Minnesota at the new U.S. Bank Stadium.

Pulling off the biggest game of the year won’t come without the help of a few volunteers, thousands to be exact.

10,000 volunteers gathered as Crew 52 will man the front lines to welcome an estimated one million visitors to Minnesota in for Super Bowl 52.

Sioux Falls resident Terry Vandrovec says he’s taking advantage of this unique Midwest experience.

“It’s one of those things you grow up watching it and it’s not in our part of the country very often to begin with and the opportunity to sort of be involved, kind of a unique adventure you’d never get to do otherwise,” he said.

Roughly 30,000 hopefuls applied for the volunteer committee and Crew 52 represents 42 states.

Vandrovec says he was unsure of the South Dakota turnout.

“For the volunteers they have a Facebook page where you can kind of engage with different people and interact and there is a ton of different people. Yankton, Brookings and I didn’t know if I would be the only one so it is really neat to see the whole region embrace it.”

Even though it’s a four hour drive to U.S. Bank Stadium Vandrovec says that won’t hinder him.

“During the interview they were kind of impressed and surprised. They asked like you did, ‘Why do you want to do this it’s a long drive?’ but I just think again it’s a fun thing to see south Dakota and Sioux Falls sort of rally around it and you know Chad Greenway is essentially the face of this thing and even though he’s lived here a long times he’s definitely a South Dakota guy. It’s nice of us to get a piece of the action we wouldn’t be able to otherwise.”

The average temperature during February in Minneapolis in 29 degrees and Vandrovec says this isn’t a typical vacation

“It’s a little different than summer vacation. Cause it’s going to be pretty cold I’ll be scouting out different hand warmers and foot warmers, but supposedly they’re going to deck us out in parkas and all kinds of gear to keep us warm.”

Crew member jobs will include guiding visitors at the Mall of America, airport and skyways the Super Bowl site.

Volunteers will find out their specific role in December and will attend specific training in January.

The super bowl is set to air on KDLT on Sunday, February 4th.

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