ACLU Sues Worthington Police, Drug Task Force, In Excessive Force Case

WORTHINGTON, M.N. – A Worthington man is suing multiple law enforcement agencies after dash cam footage revealed what the American Civil Liberties Union is calling an “excessive use of force” during a traffic stop.

The incident in question happened in Worthington in July of 2016. In previously released dashcam video Buffalo Ridge Drug Task Force agent Joe Joswiak is seen pulling 21-year-old Minnesota resident Anthony Promvongsa from his vehicle.

The initial complaint filed states that Promvongsa was pulled over for reportedly tailgating an off-duty officer. The video only shows the moments before the traffic stop was initiated.

Both the Worthington Police Department and the Buffalo Ridge Drug Task Force are included in the lawsuit in which the ACLU alleges the incident is part of a pattern of misbehavior by the two agencies.

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