FULL STORY: Police Bust 4 People for Having Large Amount of Meth and 14 Thousand Dollars in Home

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.- Four people are facing drug charges after police found a large amount of meth and 14 thousand dollars in their home last night. The drug task force has been working on this drug bust for quite a while. Thanks to a tip they got, they finally got the break they needed to make the raid.

It was a name of one of the people living in a home in the 1600 block of West 26th Street, which police say helped them in the drug bust Tuesday night.

“I’d say that happens probably more often than not. During the course of one investigation, there are other names that pop up and that kind of leads to different investigations as well,” says Sioux Falls Police Department Officer Sam Clemens.

Since July the drug task force has been working on the investigation. When they searched the home, they found a large amount of meth, which has a street value of about 9 thousand dollars. They also found 14 thousand dollars in cash. Police say the meth they seized is an unusual amount they are used to finding.

“Even some dealers we will see have some multiple, but we are not talking anywhere close to 181 grams,” says Clemens. “We might see 10 grams which is a lot, so having this amount is substantial,”

Two men and two women were found in the home along with an 8 year old child. All the adults are facing charges for selling drugs and additional charges for selling near two schools.

“One of them is about a block away and the other was across the street,” says Clemens.

Police say meth continues to be a problem in Sioux Falls and one of many drugs they find in homes.

“Meth is still probably the number two drug that we see. Marijuana is still the most common that we find,” says Clemens.

As far as the 8 year old child, police don’t have information on the gender of the child or who the child belongs to.

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