New Turkey Trends: Mixing It Up This Thanksgiving

SIOUX FALLS – Thanksgiving is only one week away and the American Farm Bureau Federation says this year’s Thanksgiving will cost the least it has in five years.

With a busy schedule, it get be hard to find the time to cook an entire Thanksgiving dinner from scratch. Hy-Vee says the average shopper spends over an hour in the grocery store alone just shopping for the holiday.

Some families are opting for prepared box dinners. You order your food prepackaged or a la carte ahead of time, then simply put the tray in the oven.

“So that you can dedicate more time to friends and family and you can literally just take the box home to follow the instructions instead of going throughout the store and shop,” said Nic Hoch, the Hy-Vee Assistant Director of Operations.

Hoch says another trend is multiple Thanksgiving dinners with different groups of family and friends.

“You know, you’re trying to hit everybody, so if you’re married, you’re trying to go to your wife’s or she’s trying to go to yours,” said Hoch. “You might have grandparents. You might have some other ones to go to.”

This year, Lyndee Kamrath is headed to her Mother-in-law’s house with corn souffle.

“My favorite part is pumpkin pie definitely with ice cream and the most stressful part is probably getting up extra early to get the turkey in the oven on time,” said Kamrath.

Kamrath has hosted the holiday in the past and knows how much effort it take inside and outside of the kitchen.

“Because I go to extended family, they want to do the whole homemade thing, but if I was doing it just for my immediate family, I would definitely do the box,” said Kamrath.

Connie Smith is hosting 30 family members and friends this year, but says they’re more old-school when it comes to cooking.

“We’re a traditional farm family, so we will be cooking all the turkey and the trimmings pretty much from scratch,” said Smith.

Holiday trends will come and go, but for Smith, the day is always more about the company around the table.

“I love the smell of the turkey cooking, get up early and get it in,” said Smith. “We still stuff the turkey and have dressing on the side as well, and it’s just that feeling of people getting together and family having a good day together.”

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