Fundraiser For Hoover Children Brings Lennox Community Together


LENNOX, S.D.- It’s been two months since the three Hoover children had to deal with the tragic loss of their parents and one of their siblings in the murder suicide. The heart-rending incident not only left an impact on the family, but also the community of Lennox.

There’s not been one person in the community of Lennox that hasn’t been affected by the tragic murder suicide that shook the town in September, but even through the trying times the town of around 2 thousand people has found the strength to stay strong. Especially for the Hoover children.

“The community is very strong and is always very supportive especially in the last couple of months,” says Event Committee Member, Holly Doud. “They have just all banded together and really shown their support for the family,”

Their commitment to continue supporting the family was shown again this Saturday, as hundreds packed the Lennox High School gym. The nearly all day fundraiser for the Hoover children had something for everyone from a silent auction, to a bake sale, and even a fun game of quarter craze. For many that knew the family, like Heidi Fodness, seeing the event come to light is something she has been waiting for.

“I was just very over joyed and thought this is where I need to be today,” says Community member Fodness, who knew the family.

Fodness says she has lived in Lennox her entire life. She says the generosity and kindness people have shown the Hoover family is what makes her proud to call Lennox her home.

“When you live in a small community, you feel like everyone is family,” says Fodness.

She also says she hopes the family feels the love the town has for them.

“But still know, we are all here even after today,” says Fodness.

“Lennox is a small community and we like to support each other,” says Doud. “That’s just kind of what we do, we take care of each other,”

Organizers of the fundraiser say they don’t have a specific goal. They are just raising as much money as they can. A meal train has also been set up to help the grandparents as they transition to raising their three grandchildren. You can sign up to bring a meal for the family on this link:

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