Arrowhead Parkway Construction Wraps up Wednesday

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.- With the holiday season upon us, the roads are only going to get busier. That includes Arrowhead Parkway on the east side of Sioux Falls, where construction is wrapping up. The major road which brings in more than 18,000 drivers a day was under work since August. Now drivers and businesses are looking forward to a smoother traffic flow.

Smoother roads along Arrowhead Parkway will officially be in full effect. Phase one of the $9.4 million dollar project included widening the streets to 6 lanes, including a median with left turn lanes, and doing some underground utility work. With the cones clearing up on the road, drivers are not the only ones excited.

“It’s definitely more of an Oh My God. I’m excited, I’m very happy,” says Sioux Falls GNC Franchise Owner, Casey Nickell. “It was an area that definitely needed some TLC,”

However with construction work, comes detours and businesses in the area including GNC definitely felt the effect. The company says when the road leading up to their shopping center was closed, their sales saw a decline.

“It was more of a mutual thing, that a lot of the stores had quite a drop in their customer count,” says Nickel.

City officials say they did provide detours to help with the traffic flow and with the holiday season around the corner, drivers can now enjoy a smoother traffic flow. As work continued on the road, businesses also saw an increase in customers leaving them feeling thankful.

“As soon as that road opened back up; (sales) it was back up again and even more. Having that opening there really shows what that shopping center really holds.

Phase two of the project will focus on working on Highline Avenue to Sycamore Avenue. That work is expected to start spring of 2018.

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