Feeding South Dakota Matching Donation Challenge

While South Dakota has helped restock very empty shelves recently, the need only grows

CEO of Feeding South Dakota Matt Gassen says the need in the Sioux Empire continues to grow as families struggle to put food on the table along with the other necessities. Especially this time of year. Shelves were nearly empty just a few weeks ago, and the region really stepped up to help restock the basics. Thanks as well to the generosity of so many, families in need will have turkeys for the Thanksgiving holiday. But even with what was given out recently, there wasn’t enough for every family that came through the doors. Gassen outlines a new matching gift opportunity of $20,000 for this next week on Giving Tuesday. This means the food bank and pantry could potentially raise $40,000 total in one day. For more details, click on the link here and watch the video above.


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