Police: Construction site thefts on the rise

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.- A Sioux Empire construction company is warning other businesses, after their trailer and almost all the tools inside of it were stolen. The incident happened last week, police say as the area grows, that means more construction projects and more of these crimes.

Jill Young left the jobsite last Tuesday for the day with her company’s trailer parked outside the home, they’re building on Dillon Creek Drive. She usually always takes the trailer home, so she even came back later that night to check on it. It was there, but not for long.

“And come 6 o’clock a.m. Wednesday morning, we had gotten a phone call that our trailer had gone missing,” says Superior Construction Co-Owner, Jill Young.

Young and her husband were in disbelief.

“It makes you angry, it makes you mad. I just couldn’t believe it, we have never had anything like this happen to us before,” says Young.

Police found the trailer a few miles away from the jobsite, but most of the 10-thousand dollars’ worth of tools inside were gone. Young was relieved to get the trailer back, but finding it close by leaves her uneasy.

“So is it someone from a jobsite up there, is it someone watching our job site. It makes you think about a lot of things,” says Young.

Sioux Falls Police say they’ve seen a recent increase in construction site thefts. With the winter season approaching, they don’t expect numbers to go down.

“It is getting dark fairly early, where the sites are clearing out. So that could be giving the thieves some opportunity to go out and hit these job sites,” says Sioux Falls Police Department Property Crime Sergeant, Paul Creviston.

Police say the best advice for businesses, record every serial number.

“By ordinance the pawn shops when they take in a tool, they have to report that serial number and the type of tool that was sold to us within seven days, “says Sergeant Creviston. “They can’t sell that piece of equipment for 14 days, they actually have to hold on to it,”

As for young, she’s going back to what she’s always done.

“Bringing our tools home, bringing our trailer home every night. So unfortunately this happened to us on the night we didn’t,” says Young.

Police say so far this month, they have already had six construction site thefts reported with the stolen property valued around 20-thousand dollars.

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