Small Business Spotlight: Renner Corner Meats

RENNER, S.D. – Our small business spotlight this Thanksgiving is someone many rely on to help put food on their tables nearly every day.

Dean Sorum, even after 55 years on the job, says he still loves coming into Renner Corner Meats every day. The locker is a business he grew up in, taking over when his dad retired. Today, the business continues to grow with a steady stream of customers coming in for both livestock and deer processing and to purchase meats and other products.

Sausage for them, he says, is big business. The locker processes about 900 pounds a day. Selling big this week and last, according to Sorum, are steaks for Thanksgiving!

“Mainly prime rib, ribeye, had a fellow stop yesterday, he had a whole packet full of ribeye and that was just one guy, and this placewas full last night, busy, it’s good,” said Sorum.

But what do his customers seem to want the most?

“Our jerky is probably our million dollar product its the seasoning and recipe I brought back from hunting in 1969 from Montana,” said Sorum, “But I stay with that because we’re making 600 pounds a week of good jerky and by Sunday night we’re out.”

Sorum says he remembers there being around 260 locker plants in South Dakota back in the 1960s when he entered the business.

Now he says, numbers are down to about 43.

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