Mattel Launching Hijab Barbie

It’s modeled after a U.S. Olympic athlete Ibtihaji Muhammad

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.-It won’t hit stores this holiday season, but soon parents can buy a gift for their kids that breaks barriers. Mattel has released plans for its newest Barbie that will wear a hijab. It’s modeled after a U.S. Olympic athlete. One South Dakota mom is thrilled with this meaningful addition to the popular doll line.

“I even called my mom and was like look, what they came out with,” says Mother of Three, Sadaf Cassim.

To say that Sadaf Cassim is excited about the soon-to-be newest Barbie doll is an understatement. It hits close to home. For the first time, Barbie will wear a hijab like she does. The Barbie is modeled after Olympic athlete Ibtihaji Muhammad. Last year in Rio, Muhammad became the first member of Team USA to compete wearing a hijab. Sadaf says seeing a doll like this is powerful because Barbies play a role in how children view themselves.

“The experience of playing with these dolls sort of molds you into the image you have in your head of what you want to look like or want to aspire to be,” says Cassim.

Sadaf saw a similar doll during a trip to the Middle East, but having this here at home will mean even more.

“Not just for my daughter, but probably my nieces. It’s just so exciting that this is available in mainstream American culture now,” says Cassim.

She can’t wait to buy one for her daughter when the doll hits stores next year.

“I think it will really help to promote the idea of inclusion and promote the idea that we are all American and we are all woven together in this fabric,” says Cassim.

Last year Mattel added curvy, tall, and petite Barbie dolls to its line.

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