Family Asks for Help After Great Grandmother’s Urn Goes Missing

Sioux Falls, S.D. – “Something’s just not here, you know.” said Pamela Brewer of her mother, Alice. “I mean it just really hurts that someone would really do that and of all things to take, they take her. It’s just a piece of me is missing now.”

Alice Durham died at the age of 66 in April of non- hodgkin’s lymphoma, surrounded by the most important aspect of her life: her family.

“She was more like my second mother,” said her sister, LeAnn Batiz. “She’s 20 years older than I am, so I feel just like one of her children and so I miss my mom, basically.”

The Great-Grandmother loved to listen to Elvis and watch CSI Miami.

“I would love to sit on the couch and talk and talk about Elvis and have a really nice, fun time with her,” said her granddaughter, Lillian.

Now, this family is mourning the loss of Alice for a second time. On Friday morning, Alice’s daughter Pamela noticed that the urn that contained Alice’s ashes was missing. For seven months, what was left of Alice always stayed by the living room window, but the family says someone stole her.

“I went to go close the curtain and I was like ‘where’s mom?’” said Brewer.

The family checked with neighbors, looked in trash cans, and checked pawn shops. With no signs of forced entry or any other valuables in plain sight taken, Pamela called police the next day.

“Maybe it had you know, their conscious got the better of them, so we figured we’d give them until the next morning and that’s when I called the police,” said Brewer.

Only two of Alice’s daughters and one of her granddaughters were home when it went missing and only Pamela and her landlord have keys to the house.

The urn, which Alice picked out herself, is worth only $200 dollars or $300 dollars.

“We had discussed possibly just coming in and we came home while they were here so they just hurried up and grabbed something,” said Brewer.

For now, the family is tormented with a mystery of a missing mother..

“She was very caring, totally giving person,” said Brewer and Batiz. “She’d give you the shirt off her back if it’s all she had left.”

Waiting for Alice to come home where she belongs.

“We won’t ask questions, we don’t prosecute,” said Batiz. “Anything like that. We just want her back.”

The family says they don’t want the urn itself back and just want Alice’s ashes back, no questions asked. They say they don’t care how they’re contacted or where the ashes are left, just that she comes home for the holidays.

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