Why the Holidays Can Trigger Depression

Be willing to sincerely check on loved ones you're worried about, experts say

There are a lot of factors this time of year that might trigger depression. The lack of daylight, loved ones lost, financial struggles to keep up with the expectations of gift giving, and parties you don’t really feel like going to can all come crashing in on someone already struggling around the holidays. In fact, the combination of factors can make someone feel even more isolated and depressed.

“People will say, ‘Call me if you need me,'” said Patricia Schultz, a licensed counselor with Avera Behavioral health outpatient services. But she adds, generally the people that need help aren’t going to call.

“Be willing to check on people,” said Schultz. “If they seem a little off, check on them. The worst thing that is going to happen is they’re going to say, ‘I’m fine.'”

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