LifeScape in Need of Help After Losing 250,000 in Adult Food Assistance Program

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.- A Sioux empire organization is in desperate need of the community’s help after a huge loss in funding from a federal food assistance program. On this worldwide “Day of giving” they hope to meet the needs of those, who count on them the most.

Ardellla Kjergaard loves to bake.

“Make cookies,” says LifeScape Resident, Kjergaard

She also doesn’t mind having chocolate pudding. She’s able to buy that plus baking ingredients with the help of her family, but some friends at her group home don’t have the same assistance. After the federal government cut $250,000 from LifeScape’s adult food assistance program– things have been hard.

“We now have to find other means to pay for breakfast and lunch,” says LifeScape’s Development Officer, Mark Millage.

The funding that was slashed this summer means all adults with disabilities over the age of 21 no longer qualify for the National School Lunch Program. Which left LifeScape and its residents having to cover the costs.

“When that got cut; the rent had to go up, in order for them to pay for their meals,” says LifeScape’s Coordinator of Support Services, Chelsea Pravecek. “It was a pretty substantial amount, it was around $125 extra a month for each person that lives in group homes,”

Staff members say around 400 adults are affected, but LifeScape isn’t giving up. They’re looking for help elsewhere asking people for donations, whether that be money or food.

“Over the last few months we have maybe achieved 10 percent of that (250,000)” says Millage. “So we have got a ways to go, but really long term, we are going to have to have other solutions and that’s kind of what we are working on,”

LifeScape says this need is something that will not be fixed overnight.

“They are very well taken care of, but it could be better,” says Pravecek. “Their lives could be a lot better, if we were able to provide them everything they wanted and needed in life,”

To address the long term need, LifeScape has partnered with Feeding South Dakota and others to come up with ways to bridge the funding gap. To find out how you can help, you can head over:


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