Police: Man Arrested On Fraud Charges For Passing Fake $100 Bill

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – A Sioux Falls man is now facing fraud charges after police say he passed a fake bill at a fast food drive-thru.

Police say two suspects passed the fake $100 bill while buying food at a fast food restaurant located near Minnesota Avenue and Russell Street. The clerk realized the bill had a “motion picture use only” mark on it after the suspects left and called police.

Police were able to get a description of the vehicle and located it near the 600 block of W Russell Street. Police say the two suspects then fled.

Police found the driver of the vehicle in the 1300 block of North Spring Avenue and arrested him.

38-year-old Abouk Deng is facing theft by deception, fleeing police, obstruction, resisting arrest, and a possession of a controlled substance charges.

Police say Deng was the one who passed the bill and that he had meth on him during the arrest.

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