Why You May Not Want to Click “Purchase” Just Yet

Chris Prendergast explains what "retargeting" is in this week's Wired Wednesday segment, and how it can work for you

Sometimes you will look at a product, or add it to your shopping cart, and then leave a website. And suddenly, you start seeing ads for that product all around the web. This is called “retargeting”. While some find the practice invasive and stalker-like, there can be benefits to it. Oftentimes e-commerce sites will use retargeting to give an extra discount. So if you’re looking to buy something, and you know it won’t sell out and aren’t planning on a limited-time offer, you can add the product to your cart and then leave the site, and see if you start to see ads for that product with an additional 5% or 10% discount to return and complete the transaction.

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