SF Couple’s Home Gets Crashed into Twice

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.-A 21 year old Sioux Falls man is fighting for his life. He’s in the hospital with a skull fracture after he ran his car into a home overnight. The incident leaves a Sioux Falls couple without a place to stay.

“I was woken up by flashing lights and sirens,” says Neighbor that heard Accident, Kristina Williams. “We looked outside and that poor same house was hit again,”

The circumstances were nearly identical to the wreck that woke Kristina Williams up in 2015, when a drunk driver crashed into the front of her neighbor’s home.

This time, Sioux Falls Police say a 21-year-old Sioux Falls man lost control of his car after missing a curve in the roadway. The car went off the road, struck a tree, flipped upside down, and landed in the garage of this home on Leadale Avenue. Williams says it’s sad, but she’s not surprised.

“They drive so fast and I think it’s because there isn’t any intersections. It’s a very long stretch of road,” says Williams.

The City of Sioux Falls says it installed a curve warning sign prior to the 2015 crash and even lowered the speed limit after that. This is now the 4th crash report in the area– a wakeup call for the city.

“Maybe install a kind of turn panel or chevrons,” says City of Sioux Falls Principal Traffic Engineer, Heath Hoftiezer. “Some different kind of curve warning signs that maybe could draw even more attention to drivers,”

Williams believes the city needs to do more because she doesn’t think the sign is helping.

“It gets them by surprise because they don’t know its coming,” says Williams. “There is a sign out here, but I don’t think people can see it. I don’t notice it and I drive down this road every single day,”

She hopes this alarming crash will encourage everyone to slow down.

“I see people run red lights every single day and it’s the same type of thing. Maybe a stop sign right here wouldn’t even help because they would just run it anyway,” says Williams.

The homeowners say they are planning to stay with friends in the meantime. They are not sure whether the 21 year old has insurance that will cover the damage. Police say speed was a factor in the overnight crash and alcohol may have been used.

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