Sioux Falls Man’s Chicago Sports Collection Auction

Terry Wood Collection

SIOUX FALLS – With a little over 3 weeks until Christmas, a Sioux Falls auction company says the timing is right if you have a hard to buy for sports fan in your family. A rare collection is on the auction block Saturday and Sunday. Terry Wood passed way in 2005 and his family is now putting his collection of sports memorabilia up for sale. Wood lived in Sioux Falls, but loved Chicago sports. Especially the NBA’s Michael Jordan. Wood’s wife Shirley says he collected just about everything

“You walk into our living room and the walls were full, the bedrooms, so it was actually like a Michael Jordan house,” Shirley Wood chuckled. “More like Michael Jordan and Terry lived there, I just paid the utilities!”

The collection, now on display at Last Chance Auction on West 12th street in Sioux Falls is huge. If you include trading cards it contains more than 1,500 pieces. Auctioneer Rich Larson was blown away when he first inspected the collection.

“It’s very rare to come across this much of a collection in one spot and not having it sold of piece by piece,” he said.

Those pieces include, bobble heads, footballs, baseballs, plates, coins, jerseys, cards photos, signed photos, plaques, rings, lamps, mugs and even Michael Jordan cologne, so you can smell good while you sit in a seat from the original Chicago Stadium built in 1929.

“This has been loved and collected since Jordan’s rookie days,” said Larson.

According to Shirley, there was something about Michael Jordan that connected with Terry.

“I think it’s because Michael had such a charisma, he was such a people person, he didn’t put you down, he treated you like an equal and I think that’s what Terry really admired about him.

While Jordan was Terry’s focus, his collection gradually expanded to other Chicago sports figures.

“Gale Sayers, Dick Butkus, Walter Payton, all the big guys,” said Larson.

Terry’s passion was contagious, and Shirley found herself glued to the games and rooting on the Bulls, Bears and even the Cubs and White Sox. She says she didn’t realize how much memorabilia they had until it was time to move the collection out of the basement.

“It is overwhelming,” said Shirley. I want it to go to people who will cherish it like he did, and honor the memory and hope that they will always, always, always cherish it like we did.”

The sale continues Saturday December 2nd at Last Chance Auction on West 12th Street at 11:00 AM. The auction resumes Sunday December 3rd at 1:00 PM. Shoppers can bid online or in person both days.

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