Police Remind Residents To Take Precautions During Snowy Road Conditions

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – Sioux Falls police are reminding drivers to take extra precautions on the road today, especially during one of the earliest snowfalls of the year.

Police say it’s important to give yourself extra travel time, slow down, and leave extra space between cars during snowy or icy conditions. They say the vast majority of snow-day crashes happen when people are used to driving on dry pavement and aren’t able to stop as quickly.

Police say they see high crash numbers during earlier snow events as drivers re-acclimate to the snowy conditions.

“We see a huge number of crashes when we have that first snowfall. after probably the first two or three different snow events that we have thigns kind of calm down and people remember that they need to slow down, give themselves extra room,” said Officer Sam Clemens.

Police say tailgating during a snow event won’t speed up your commute either. The high amount of traffic incidents means you will probably have to wait a longer time before you’re back on your way in the event of a collision.

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