First Snowfall Brings Icy Roads

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.- Cleanup wrapped up this afternoon in the Sioux Empire, as crews worked to clear the roads after last night’s first snowfall. Sioux Falls got a little more than an inch of snow, but that wasn’t the city’s main concern.

It’s hard to imagine the streets of Sioux Falls looked like this Monday night, with low visibility and 60 mile-per-hour winds at times causing a lot of difficulties for street crews trying to keep up with the weather.

“It was blowing the stuff all over the place and finally about 7:30 p.m. we quit putting chemical down because it just wasn’t doing any good,” says City of Sioux Falls Street Manager, Galynn Huber.

Around 43 workers from the city’s street division, along with extra help from Parks and Recreation worked throughout the overnight hours clearing the roads–putting down sand and chemicals to melt the ice.

“We always concentrate on the emergency routes. Once we get the emergency routes clean, then we go after the secondary routes, and then we will go after the residential if we do a snow alert,” says Huber.

Typically if there is no snow alert, the city leaves the neighborhood streets alone. However, once those roads started freezing they knew they had to do something.

“This snow was really wet and it packed down and it got icy. So we decided we’d do go out there and hit the residential,” says Huber.

The city’s street manager Galynn Huber says once the winter season starts, the work days get longer, but on days when Mother Nature brings some sunlight. It makes for an easier cleanup.

“That helps along with the vehicles driving across it. Helps activate that chemical even more,” says Huber.

For more information about snow alerts and what you are supposed to do during them. Visit the city’s website:

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