Police: 75 Accidents During Sioux Falls’ First Snowfall

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – Sioux Falls police say yesterday’s winter weather brought on 75 accidents within city limits.

Police say that number is about five times larger than what they typically respond to on a normal Monday to Tuesday. Five of the 75 accidents did cause injury to drivers or passengers. Police say that serves as a reminder for motorists to slow down and buckle up.

“Unfortunately with the winter weather we do see an increase in accidents, but if we do have the accidents we’d like to keep some of the injuries to a minimum if we can, by wearing the appropriate safety equipment that we have,” said Sioux Falls police Sgt. Paul Creviston.

They say early snow events do usually bring an increase in crashes.

89 accidents were reported during last year’s first snowfall, but two years ago, there were nearly 200.

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