Wired Wednesday: Great Tech Gifts for Kids

Will Bushee from BrightPlanet and Code Bootcamp offers a few ideas for the holidays

If your child is into gaming and technology, and you’re lost in the dark on great gift ideas for the holidays, we’ve got a few options for you. While there are hundreds of great options out there, Will Bushee of BrightPlanet and Code Bootcamp joined us with a few suggestions. Click on the link above for our interview with Will. And check out the links below for more specifics on each product!

Code-a-pillar (super young, intro to robots and programming skills)

Osmo Coding Jam is fun for elementary through middle school age kids, tons of additional learning, schools have these so kids are familiar)

Arduino  is a great option for high school age kids who are into learning more about electronics and programming skills. Bushee says it encourages a huge range of skills.


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