First Business Moving into Washington Square Next Week

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.-What used to be an empty parking lot in Downtown Sioux Falls next to the Washington Pavilion has now been developed into an eight-story mixed-use building. The multi-million dollar site will become home to a Sioux Falls business starting next week.

It’s been crunch time for the owner of L.G.Everist to get his business space going and after much expectation, the wait will be over next week.

“L.G. Everist moves in I believe the 15th of this month,” says Washington Square’s Partner in Development Grant Houwman.

The stone supplier company is one of many businesses leasing the office space from Washington Square. The eight-story building will contain a mix of retail, office, residential, and parking units. The project that started three years ago is something developers say they are grateful to offer the Sioux Falls community.

“There are closings happening constantly and the interest has been very high in the units,” says Houwman. “So we have been very excited and very happy with the interest in our project,”

Developers say although there are similar properties in town. Their condo units are unique in the aspect of letting buyers choose how they want their condos to look.

“What you buy from us is a shell and then you get to finish that shell to your taste and your desires,” says Houwman.

Buyers will be able to utilize a shared space that they can host parties at, along with a private underground parking space that comes with a car wash. For those that are animal lovers, there will be space for the pets to enjoy as well.

More than half of the condos are sold.  Some tenants will start moving in later this month. Developers say future buyers vary based on the buyer’s needs.

“Each has different pricing and different price points. Depending on what you’re looking for and how many square feet you would like,” says Houwman.

Washington Square developers are still in the processing of finding businesses interested in the retail space.

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