A Christmas Miracle in the Hospital

SIOUX FALLS – Isabella Mars entered the world on October 28th, 2017, although no one was expecting her before February.

The first child for the Mars family, her mother Bridget’s water broke at just 18 weeks pregnant, and then Isabella came out at 26 weeks.

This December is Isabella’s first Christmas, a day her parents weren’t guaranteed.

”This will be a moment I’ll probably always cherish because it’s her very first Christmas and like I said she’s a miracle and they didn’t expect her to make it past her first couple hours of life and she has done it and she’s a little fighter so yeah so this will be a special moment forever,” said Mars.

Isabella has a special hospital visitor, Santa Claus.

Santa, a Sioux Falls resident, has always had the beard and jolly spirit. With the perfect appearance, friends and family urged him to dress up as Santa for years, and one year, he reluctantly agreed to try it for one time only.

”Just putting smiles on faces,” said Claus. “I wake up every morning and I figure if I can put a smile on one person’s face, I’ve helped make it a better world.”

Now, he’s been doing it for 36 years all over the country, coast to coast.

”It tears me apart,” said Claus, “It tears me up, but these little kids. That’s the only question I would ask the Lord is why these little kids have to suffer.”

While Santa feels the emotional toll of his visits, he knows that he befriended a little Christmas miracle, right here in Sioux Falls.

“I love each and everyone of them, just like he does,” said Santa.

Isabella was born at just over 2 pounds, but has now more than doubled her weight. Doctors at the NICU at Sanford say if she continues, she should be able to finally go home with her family in April.

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