Retailers Pivoting With Warm Start To Winter

SIOUX FALLS – Many of us have enjoyed the warm start to the winter. But for a couple Sioux Falls businesses, the slower sales and less traffic in their stores has led them to pivot to turn a profit.

Adam Dykstra, the manager at Sun and Fun in Sioux Falls, knows business in 2017 cannot be just about in-store sales.

“Let’s find a new avenue to kind of sell more, and create more product coming through,” said Dykstra, noting that even though it isn’t snowing in Sioux Falls, you don’t have to go far to find it.

“It’s always snowing online. That’s what I’m always saying. So you can always capitalize on that market.”

Eighty percent of Sun and Fun’s inventory is online. That accounts for about 20 percent of their total sales. Dykstra says there’s a bigger picture with this branch of profit.

“For us, first and foremost, it’s really to help promote that local community,” he said.

And keeping the community in mind pays other dividends.

“Help grow interest in the sport, so even though the season is becoming shorter, that doesn’t mean you can’t snowboard,” said Dykstra.

On the other side of town at Track 2 Trail, owner Travis DeJong says it’s not the weather that’s keeping his snowmobiles from going out the door.

“The biggest thing that’s really helped us is the taking off of the side by sides,” said DeJong, adding that snowmobile sales have changed over the years.

“Snowmobiles probably make up 50-60 percent of our overall sales. Four-five years past it was more 80-90 percent.”

Even though Track 2 Trail and Sun and Fun sell vastly different products, they do share one similarity.

“The majority of our sales are generated from internet,” said DeJong. “Internet leads for sure.”