See Which Sioux Falls Residents Are Headed To Super Bowl 52 in Minneapolis

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – These Sioux Falls residents remember when they got a once-in-a-lifetime phone call.

”My wife heard me from upstairs when I yelled and screamed, ‘I made it. I made it. I really made it,’” said Dave Rowe. “So, it was pretty awesome. It’s I don’t know what to describe it to, it’s just the fact that out of all the people that applied, I got picked.”

”It was heart-racing,” said Darla Erb. “Heart-racing. I was just so excited.”

They’re headed to Super Bowl 52. 30,000 people applied to be apart of “Crew 52.” 14,000 landed an interview and only 10,000 were accepted.

”Not very many people can say that they go to cheer and be apart of such a large volunteer program, for the Super Bowl nonetheless,” said Michelle Schneider.

This is a volunteer position, meaning volunteers foot the bill for their own food, travel expenses, and lodging in Minneapolis, but the experience is priceless.

”That’s all part of this experience that sports just bring people together in a good atmosphere and I like that,” said Rowe. “I’m a positive person so it’s fun.”

While we don’t know which teams will face off yet, these Sioux Falls super-fans have their fingers crossed for the vikings.

“Oh, that’s big time,” said Rowe. “Vikings have been my team since I was a little kid. I bleed purple.”

Darla Erb was born in Minnesota and grew up watching the Vikings games at her grandparents’ house.

”It’s amazing,” said Erb “I know that some people did not get in so I feel very privileged and I’m just very excited to welcome people to the midwest and to Minnesota. They’ll be coming from around the world for this event and I’m just very excited.”

For Dave Rowe, this February will be a dream come true. Regardless of who wins, he says that you can never have a bad day on game day.

”It’s always a positive thing in a world that’s got so many negative things,” said Rowe. “You go to a football game or you involve that, you have people over to your house for a game. It’s all upbeat. It’s all fun. Let the negative stuff go away.”

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