SDPaSS: New Program to Accelerate Workforce Development

SDPaSS: New Program to Accelerate Workforce Development

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. — Governor Dennis Daugaard was promoting a new statewide workforce development program in Sioux Falls today.

South Dakota has nearly 16,000 job openings. That’s why area schools and the department of labor are teaming up to create SDPaSS.

The program will provide internships, apprenticeships and certificates to traditional and non-traditional students. SDPaSS will focus on cyber security, network services and software development.

Governor Daugaard says the program will help fill the state’s workforce gap because job-seekers don’t always have the skills that a business is looking for.

“We need to find alternative pathways that can help people achieve and succeed, and in the it field we are increasingly finding a lot of demand in the workspace and yet not enough supply,” says Gov. Daugaard.

Dakota State University, Southeast Tech, the Sioux Falls School District, and the South Dakota Department of Labor and Regulation will all have a hand in SDPaSS.

Sioux Falls School District superintendent Dr. Brian Maher says SDPaSS opens up new opportunities into the world of IT.

“This year we started three computer immersion schools, and we’re looking to see what impact that has on the middle school and high school curriculum so it’s a natural next step,” says Maher.

Officials say the program is going to serve students at all stages of learning.

“The world of it provides so many on ramps and off ramps. It isn’t your typical I have to graduate from high school and I have to go to four years of college,” says Maher.

SDPaSS will also be available to those reentering the workforce, looking for a better job, or seeking a career change. The program is expected to begin next year.

Those interested in SDPaSS can email or call Southeast Tech at 605-367-6040.

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