Police: 13 Cases Of Counterfeit Bills Since November

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – Sioux Falls police are urging clerks and cashiers to take a closer look at the bigger bills they are receiving.

The warning comes in the wake of 13 cases of counterfeit bills since November. Police say some are more elaborate, such as a recent case where someone altered a $5 bill to look like a $100 bill.

Other fake $100 bills passed either have the words “for motion picture use only” or Chinese symbols written on them. Police say anyone who accepts larger denominations of money need to look for watermarks and security strips. Those strips will actually tell you what denomination the bill is in case it’s altered.

“The clerks really just need to take an extra second and look at those, to make sure everything is the way it’s supposed to be, make sure it’s legitimate. If it’s not, you can hang on to it and call police and we’ll certainly come out to take a look at it,” said Officer Sam Clemens.

Police say in the latest incident, a clerk did check the security strip and noticed the $100 bill was actually a $5 bill.

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