Unloaded Gun & Knives Found In Student’s Backpack

BRANDON, S.D. – The Brandon Valley School District is evaluating school policy after a tense morning at the high school. Two students brought weapons into the school prompting a brief lockdown. Thankfully, no one was put in harm’s way.

Brandon Valley High School officials are praising a student for speaking up about another student having a gun in the building. Investigators are keeping tight-lipped about the identities of everyone involved, but here’s what we know. A student brought an unloaded handgun to school and gave it to another student, who put it in their backpack. A third student found out and notified administrators. The school was put on a soft lockdown, meaning classes still went on as normal. Police showed up and found the weapon along with two small knives in the backpack.

“The firearm was being brought to the school for possible sale or trade of some sort between those two students,” says Chief David Kull of the Brandon Police Department.

The two involved were taken into custody and released to their parents. Investigators say while the situation made for an alarming start to the school day, students and staff were never in danger.

“There is no indication that there was any threat at any time to any of the students. There was no plot that was developed,” says Kull.

It’s against school policy to bring dangerous weapons like guns and knives on school property. Both students could be expelled, but that’s still being determined.

“The school superintendent has the ability to make a recommendation on the punishment or consequence. That expulsion can be modified on a case by case basis,” says Dr. Jarod Larson, Brandon Valley School District Superintendent.

Along with no one getting hurt, school officials say there’s another positive. This situation shows the importance of students speaking up.

“If you see something, say something because that is what ultimately brought the response,” says Larson.

School officials say the day did take an emotional toll on some students. Counselors will be provided.

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