Drunk Driving Simulator Teaching Consequences

Sioux Falls, S.D.- With the Holiday season upon us, police officers will be on the lookout for drivers under the influence.

Volunteers of America is partnering with the Sioux Falls Police Department to give a first hand look at the consequences of drinking and driving.

“The simulation is a great way to show them that you cannot handle a vehicle safely when you’re under the influence of any substance.  but then also the power of the program is it walks them through the social consequences, the physical, the legal consequences and just what the dangers are of making the choice to drive impaired,” Says Highway Safety Coordinator Eric Majeres.

Each person participating in the simulator is given a scenario to follow along with special glasses that portray the effects of someone who has consumed alcohol.

You’ll be driving before you get pulled over or crash. you’ll even get a first-person view of medical staff treating your injuries in the emergency room.

It even goes as far as having state attorneys give your legal options and possible consequences for drinking and driving and then putting you in front of a judge and hearing your sentence.

If you end up having to do a sobriety test, officers check the movement of your eyes along with your motor skills.

The simulation is not just for those of age.

Police are making it a point to inform teenagers and other young adults of the consequences of driving under the influence.

“We are trying to get it out there to the younger folks that it’s not okay to do this and that if you do chose to do it, the chances are that you’re going to get caught by us and you’re going to have to pay the consequences of that,” Says Officer Jason Christensen

Authorities say it’s best to plan ahead this holiday season.

Arrange for a sober driver, or consider taking a cab.

If you’re in Sioux Falls, a reminder lyft, a rideshare service is also now available.

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