Dozens of Homeless Families Waiting to Be Part of This Program

The commitment all are required to make to become a resident of Heartland House is big, but worth it

An estimated 38 million households in the U.S. live paycheck to paycheck and only 17 percent are estimated to have a three-month emergency fund.

The numbers are staggering but help explain the increasing number of homeless families in the Sioux Empire struggling to get back into a stable living situation.

An organization instrumental in helping here locally is Heartland House, a rapid re-housing program for homeless families with children. Heartland House is a program offered through the Interlakes Community Action Partnership (ICAP).

According to the organization’s website: “To be eligible, families must have children living in the home, must be homeless and must commit to case management services. Families are required to work with a Housing Stabilization Coach to create a Housing Stabilization Plan and can generally receive up to 12 months of rental assistance based on their individual progress. The families pay rent based on their income. The goal for each of the participants is that eventual self-sufficiency and housing stabilization. Maximum capacity for the program is 46 families at any given time.”

To learn more about what is needed to support Heartland House and the families relying on its assistance, click here and watch the interview with program director Tammie Denning, above.

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