Golf Course Management Deal At Crossroad

Sioux Falls, S.D.- For the last 23 years, Dakota Golf Management has run the three city golf courses in Sioux Falls — Elmwood, Prairie Green and Kuehn Park.

In October, a selection committee recommended Nebraska-based Landscaped Unlimited be the ones to take over running the courses.

However, that contract proposal hit a snag with the city council on Tuesday.

“There are certain parts of the contract that are very unpalatable to me,” says City Council Member Greg Neitzert.

With more questions than answers, councilors bought themselves an extra week to delve into the particulars of the contract.

“The idea that we buy the equipment but we don’t own It, the contractor owns it.  We have no tracking of it, we don’t approve it as a council.  There are just a number of issues with the contract that I’m having a lot of problems with,” mentions Neitzert.

Dakota Golf currently owns all of the equipment, which means the city would have to either buy the equipment from Dakota Golf or buy their own.

The value of the equipment has become a stumbling block of its own.

President Tom Jansa says he values the assets much higher than what the city offered. roughly 300 thousand dollars more.

“So they took my list and my values.  They came and they held it and held it and at the 11th hour, they thrust across the table an offer that frankly is, I hate to be pejorative, but it was insulting,” Jansa tells us.

City council members aren’t sure what the end result will be, for now they know the clock is ticking… as Dakota Golf’s contract expires at the end of the year.

Neitzart says, “It may be that we can only do an up or down vote on the Landscape proposal and if that is the case, then if we vote it down, we may have no golf provider as of December 31st and who knows what happens then.”

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