Sioux Falls Man Fixes Family’s Car For Free

SIOUX FALLS, S.D – If there’s anything Justin Heidinger knows a lot about, it’s cars. He’s been working with them for his entire life.

“Cars are a little bit simpler to diagnose and take care of than people are,” said Heidinger.

Of course, he’s also passionate about people. You’ll often find Justin stopping to help someone in need.

”People stopped on the side of the road, giving them a hand or somebody’s down on their luck or can’t find change or something when they’re at the cash register to pay out; I’ve paid for that before,” said Heidinger.

Now, meet the Brown family of Sioux Falls. For them, the year 2017 hasn’t been an easy one.

“I kind of had a rough patch going job hunting and my twins were sick and that made it kind of worse,” said Shawn Brown.

Then the family’s car broke: more bad timing and bad luck.

”She recently got let go from housekeeping and we’ve been having it rough ever since,” Brown said.

Eager to give their three-year-old twins a great Christmas, the Brown family walked in the snow, braving the South Dakota cold to deliver job applications around town.

Then, some holiday hope. Justin heard about the Brown family through Facebook. He decided to fix their car – for free.

”It’s the satisfaction of knowing you did something good for someone, especially through the holidays when money is tight,” said Heidinger.

Justin replaced the starter. As a parent of young children himself, Justin knows how important reliable transportation is.

”Kids’ judgement is second to none,” said Heidinger. “They’re honest and truthful. The smiles on their faces say it all.”

With a little help from a perfect stranger, both the Brown family and their car can start again.

”It means a lot this year with the struggles we had,” said Brown. ”It brings blessing to this family. And yes. I won’t have to walk around any more. These guys can make it to school on time when they miss the bus.”

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