Two Strangers Discover They’re Biological Brothers


SIOUX FALLS, S.D.- Here’s a tale to make you smile. Two South Dakotans have gone from strangers to finding out they’re siblings. This amazing discovery started at an organization in Sioux Falls that now will forever hold a special place in their hearts.

“Talking to him a little more, I kind of connected with him a little bit,” says Omi.

20-year-old Omi first met 16-year-old TJ at McCrossan Boys Ranch this past August, but their story goes back way before that.

“I started questioning it to my step parents and they were like “yeah you are adopted” I was like huh, so I got siblings out there,” says TJ.

TJ was placed with his adoptive family right after he was born. Omi also grew up in a different household starting at a young age, but fate eventually helped answer lingering questions about their past, when they crossed paths.

“TJ was given away to a family, so this whole time I had no idea that TJ even existed,” says Omi.

The pieces of the puzzle started coming together after the two spoke to each other for the first time.  TJ says he just had a feeling he could be related to Omi. So staff members at the ranch decided to help pay for the pair’s DNA test. The answer the two were searching for was finally revealed– they’re biological brothers.

“Just a miracle they get to support each other. So it was just really cool for them to have that support,” says McCrossan Boys Ranch Admissions Manager, Patty Mihelich.

“You know it was really unexpected, it’s not something anyone anticipates, but when it happens it’s kind of unreal,” says Omi.

Someone who was once a stranger to TJ became more than that.

“He was here at McCrossan’s and I can ask him for advice and he can help me. He’s someone to look up to,” says TJ.

For 16 years the two never knew about each other, but now they plan to make up for that lost time.

“If he ever needs anything he knows he can call me at any time day or night,” says Omi.

A chance meeting that was meant to be.

“We are just there for each other, got each other’s backs the whole way just like brothers would,” says TJ.

The brothers say since they have met they have found they have a lot in common. They won’t be spending Christmas together because they will be with their own families, but they make it a point to hang out almost every weekend.

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