Warriors Never Give Up Aims to Get Veterans Outdoors

Healing service members physically, emotionally, and spiritually is the Brandon organization's goal

Troy Miller, a West Point graduate, and Army veteran had heard about the organization Warriors Never Give Up through Archery Outfitters. Earlier this year, he made contact with one of the co-founders and took part in a fishing event at Dry Lake #2. Ever since then he’s been hooked and wanting to do more both with and for the organization. He says Warriors Never Give Up is very professionally run, and the way organizers honor and respect veterans, and understand the need for social connections among veterans is very definitely contributing to its success.

“For me, being active duty, I miss a lot of that camaraderie with my buddies that are still in the Army or off in the civilian world doing something else. It’s nice to make connections with some local veterans – and it really helps all the guys talk about their past and open up about things,” Miller told KDLT.

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