Two Men Spreading Peace One State at a Time

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.- The holiday season is about spreading joy and peace and two out of state men are hoping to bring that message to South Dakotans.

It’s a simple gesture touching hands with someone you don’t know and at times it can be uncomfortable, but Manuel Frederick and Andrew Tisba were on a mission to show the community of Sioux Falls how the gesture can bring strangers together.

At first, the group started out small, but they were eventually able to grow in strength and in numbers. The palm to palm connection is part of the pair’s worldwide movement called #CONNECT.

They say they believe when humans touch bridges are broken and a sense of peace can be created.

“They start to connect and feel a power of peace, a power of the people to be together to be one,” says the creator of #CONNECT, Andrew Tisba.

Although it’s not always easy getting the message across, it’s the end goal they focus on.

“Cause we follow our heart and we really want to bring change and we know change doesn’t come easily its hard work,” says the creator of #CONNECT, Manuel Frederick.

“First I thought you guys might have been a flash mob and I was yes, then it was all about peace and I was like yeah that works too,” says North Dakota resident, Heather Gullickson.

As the holiday season comes around, they hope this is a reminder.

“The whole world can never be at peace with each other, but we can at least start here,” says Sioux Falls Resident, Cheyenne Sanger.

“We can connect with each other, even though we don’t look the same. We don’t talk the same and we are all different, but we can all be united as one,” says Gullickson.

Andrew and Manuel say they plan to visit all 50 states, but while they were here in South Dakota state 41, they spread peace at Brandon Valley’s basketball game and Hy-Vee on Marion Road. At a time where the world seems to be divided, a simple touch can bring everyone together.

“You know we have to think about peace and keep praying for peace,” says Sioux Falls Resident, Lois Anderson.

“It just felt every empowering and at the end, it almost brought me to tears because it was just emotional. Everyone was gathering around for the same reason for peace,” says Melissa Reinfeld.

The duo has nine more states to wrap up their mission. Their next stop is Pine Ridge and then Standing Rock.

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