Last-Minute Christmas Eve Shoppers Look For Gifts

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – You’ll find some last minute holiday shoppers with full hearts and full carts.

“So far a lot of our shoppers have been coming in grabbing a few last minute items and hitting the road so it hasn’t been too busy in here, but we will see it pick up a little bit later this evening,” said Courtney Ahlers of Target.

Chris Washborn is shopping for his niece and nephew…but he doesn’t exactly love to shop until he drops…

“My favorite part is when I’m done and the most stressful part is just getting going,” said Washborn.

Target expects it to be busiest in the evening, when other local retailers close their doors.

“Everybody’s spirits are really high,” said Ahlers. “It’s Christmas Eve. Everyone as soon as you’re done helping them says ‘Have a Merry Christmas’ so our guests have been really appreciative of everything we’ve been doing. So I would say atmosphere wise, it’s a fun day to work.”

Amy is shopping with her daughter for her husband and son. She says it’s been pretty quiet so far, but holiday shopping can be hectic.

“Everybody’s just running around frantic looking for toys and gifts and whatever.,” said Amy Dibba. “You see a lot of people running into each other and kind of not paying attention to what’s going around because they’re looking for gifts.”

“A lot of people wait until Christmas Eve or the day before. It gets really, really hectic, especially this weekend knowing it’s right before Christmas,” said Hunter Davis, a Target employee.

Target in Sioux Falls says they’re fully staffed for Christmas Eve.

“We do want as many people here helping our guests,” said Ahlers. “A lot of people are frantic trying to find things so we want as many of our team members here readily available.”

“Everyone’s really nice everyone’s in a good mood because it’s Christmas,” said Salame Kassaye, a Target employee.

However, every item in the store is just a potential gift, waiting to brighten someone’s Christmas.

“I know whoever’s gonna get it is gonna get really happy when they get everything so it’s kind of nice and you see all the people that are happy that they found what somebody wants,” said Kassaye.

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