Staying Healthy During The Holiday Season

Sioux Falls, S.D.- The holiday season is time for feasts, parties and a lot of cold weather.

But in the midst of the celebrations, people don’t necessarily pay attention to the effect the foods they eat have on their body.

Science Nutrition co-owner Joel Jansen says there’s a key balance to staying healthy and fit.

“70 to 80% comes from what you’re eating and what you’re not eating.  And the other part is working out and then part of it is taking some good supplements too,” Jansen tells us.

When it comes to the freezing temperatures, there are alternatives to hitting the gym.

Most of which can found in the warm comfort of your home, no matter your fitness level.

“There’s tons of DVDs.  There’s tons of YouTube things that you can follow, so just follow one of those.  Like i said, it just depends on where you are at in your process, figure out which one will match where you at and get the results that you need.”

It’s also important to transition into a healthier lifestyle, instead of making all your changes all at once.

“Don’t stop 100 bad things and start 100 good things because then it sends your system into shock and it’s hard to keep up with it.”

And Jansen says to stick to your fitness-related new years resolutions even when there are opportunities to stop.

“A lot of people, they quit doing everything because they’re traveling or whatever, so we just recommend just stay with it for a little bit.”



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