Bishop Dudley Hospitality House Preparing For Cold Weekend

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – “People that normally would camp out outside or sleep in their cars, they have to come in at this time of the year,” says Bishop Dudley Development Coordinator Amanda Stidd.

With temperatures expected to be less than 20 below this weekend, the homeless community will have to find shelter away from the bitter cold.

The Bishop Dudley Hospitality House, located off North Indiana Avenue, typically houses up  to 80 men, 20 women and 7 families.  They also offer showers, laundry machines and meals.

While there are few reasons to deny someone entrance to the shelter– including trespassing– or if a person is intoxicated or violent– Stidd says their biggest mission is making sure people stay off the streets.

“During the winter our number one priority is preservation of life.  so if someone is doing something they’re not supposed to be doing we give them far more options and then if they are denied services it will only be during the day, we don’t deny people service at night unless they’ve trespassed,” Stidd says.

Dana Nelson has been at the shelter for four months.

Since then he’s found a job and is saving enough money to get back on his feet.  He says he’s very fortunate to stay there while getting his life back on track.

“It’s gotten me out of the cold, out of the negative weather and off the streets.  And I appreciate that,” says Nelson.

In the end, staff members at the bishop say they’re are just trying to help those in need.

Stidd says, “It’s great that there’s a place for them to go and a place for them to kind of look towards a brighter future.”

The Bishop Dudley House is funded completely by donations.  For more information on the house or to donate you can check out their link here.

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