Search Continues For Missing Dog

Sioux Falls, S.D.– The search continued Saturday for a beloved dog missing since Christmas eve.

Lola, a female boxer, has been missing for six days days now.

Her owner Mandy Klinkhammer says Lola escaped from her parents house in southeast Sioux Falls.

The search for Lola is focused in that area, but it possible she could have wandered further.

Klinkhammer asks that if anyone happens to see Lola, call Animal Control and do not try and chase her.

She says because Lola is scared, it will be very difficult for strangers to approach her. Instead, people should try and get Lola to approach them.

There has been an outpouring of support and help from the Sioux Falls community and Klinkhammer says she couldn’t be more thankful.

“Most of these people don’t know me, have never met me.  And there are so many people in this community that are so supportive and they feel like Lola is their dog too.  They’re out looking and I’ve seen a lot of them every single day that I’ve been out here, they’ve been out here bright and early and stayed with me till dark.”.

Klinkhammer asks that anyone in the area of southeastern Sioux Falls look around their yards, underneath trees, and around buildings. She says the more eyes looking for Lola, the better the chances are of finding her.

To help with the organized search in finding Lola, click the link to the Facebook group here.

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