Lost Boxer “Lola” Found Alive

Lola, a female boxer missing since Christmas Eve has been found alive


SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – Lola, a female boxer missing since Christmas Eve has been found alive.

Lola belonged to a family visiting from Omaha, and was unfamiliar with southeastern Sioux Falls, where she escaped.

Lola was reportedly found by another dog Sunday afternoon. This was posted on the “Loving Lola” Facebook page, previously named “Looking for Lola:”


“Here is a picture of the hero that found Lola! Murphy!!! We let him outside and he was barking like mad. It was so cold that I didn’t want him out long so I went out after him. He was barking along our fence line and wouldn’t come. I crawled back there and sure enough Lola was on the other side!! She started walking away when she saw me so I quick ran in and called Animal Control and then Mandy. My husband grabbed his binoculars and kept eyes on her till Animal Control got here. I have a video of her rescue captured from our bathroom window but can’t figure out how to share it on just this site!?! Any ideas? So happy for Lola, Mandy and all the volunteers. That is the way to close out a year! Sioux Falls is THE BEST!”

Once she was found, Lola was immediately taken to an emergency vet. She is doing well, with only a few scratches and sore paws. Lola had no signs of frostbite, but lost nearly 10 pounds.

Her owner, Mandy, posted this on the “Loving Lola” facebook page:

“Where do I begin…This is the best day ever! I am overcome with joy and gratitude. The fact that an entire community rallied behind my family to help me find Lola is humbling. There were times I felt so discouraged. No sightings, bloody paws, frigid temperatures, reports of packs of coyotes, and daunting terrain to cover. I never remained hopeless. God answers prayers. God’s timing is perfect. And God protects all the creatures he’s crated.

For those who want details: a wonderful dog by the name of Murphy kept persistently barking at the fence line. His family went to investigate and saw Lola huddled under a big pine tree. They notified animal control and myself. We had some wonderful volunteers blocking the gate at Ronning Estates so she couldn’t slip by bc she was inside their gated property. My daughter and I approached first with animal control following. When we came over the hill, we spotted her. My heart sank bc she wasn’t moving. I feared the worst. We were saying her name calmly and asking about her favorite things. She lifted her head slightly and I could see she looked disoriented. I have never seen that look on her face. We knelt down and pretended to eat the bucket of chicken a kind person brought to us this morning. We made the weird yummy yummy noises and threw lightly threw pieces of chicken around us. She slowly stood up. I could see her ribs and spine even from a distance?. She started walking away from us a bit. So scared and confused. We laid down in the snow. My daughter started saying Psalm 91-the prayer we say every night at bedtime (and Lola loves to pray). I didn’t want to look directly at her and couldn’t see what she was doing. I thought she was walking away from us. I asked my daughter where she was and she told me she was walking towards us. She smelled the chicken, started eating it. Took a pause and nudged both Jaidyn and I on the nose. She knew she was home. She was never aggressive or resistant. Nothing but loving. She was waiting to be rescued.

With heartfelt gratitude and appreciation: I thank ALL of you!! Each and every person who shared her post, drove around looking, made posters, searched for supplies, made phone calls, managed this FB page, brought us food/coffee, prayed for us, called with words of encouragement, suited up to brave the weather, I could go on and on. I wish I had a list of each name so I could send a personal thank you to each and every one of you! This community is wonderful! Every resident is lucky to live in such a caring city❤️.

We took Lola to the vet immediately. She lost 10 lbs in 7 days. Extremely skinny and shaking uncontrollably. No signs of frostbite, labs were ok, some sore paws and abrasions-but doing extremely well especially considering what she’s been through.

We then took her to Paws and Reflect for a good scrubbing. I wanted her to get the smell off of her so she wouldn’t be reminded of the treacherous journey. She seemed to enjoy the blueberry facial.

She got a new sweater and collar bc she deserves it!”

An open house is scheduled for anyone who wants a “puppy kiss” from Lola Monday from 1-2:30 pm at the Calvary Assembly of God on 57th street.

The “Loving Lola” page can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/346663262466900/

Another dog, Lilo, is still missing. The 9 month old King Charles Cavalier was last seen Sunday near W Winterberry Circle and Acacia Circle in Sioux Falls just after noon. Lilo weighs about 12 lbs. Anyone who may have seen him is asked to call (605)521-5395.

There is a $250 reward for his safe return.





Sioux Falls, S.D.– The search continued Saturday for a beloved dog missing since Christmas eve.

Lola, a female boxer, has been missing for six days days now.

Her owner Mandy Klinkhammer says Lola escaped from her parents house in southeast Sioux Falls.

The search for Lola is focused in that area, but it possible she could have wandered further.

Klinkhammer asks that if anyone happens to see Lola, call Animal Control and do not try and chase her.

She says because Lola is scared, it will be very difficult for strangers to approach her. Instead, people should try and get Lola to approach them.

There has been an outpouring of support and help from the Sioux Falls community and Klinkhammer says she couldn’t be more thankful.

“Most of these people don’t know me, have never met me.  And there are so many people in this community that are so supportive and they feel like Lola is their dog too.  They’re out looking and I’ve seen a lot of them every single day that I’ve been out here, they’ve been out here bright and early and stayed with me till dark.”.

Klinkhammer asks that anyone in the area of southeastern Sioux Falls look around their yards, underneath trees, and around buildings. She says the more eyes looking for Lola, the better the chances are of finding her.