Gyms Expected To Be Busier With New Year’s Resolutions

Sioux Falls, S.D.- As many people say, new year, new me.  If you ask your friends what their new year’s resolution is, there’s a good chance their answer will be fitness related.

Popular gyms in Sioux Falls are preparing for the wave of new members joining to fulfill those goals.

Over at planet fitness, the influx has a lot do with special discounts.

“Well we do see a pretty big influx of usage this time of year just because you have people that are starting their new year’s resolutions.  And we also run the best deals of the year right now, everybody’s kind of excited to get in and take advantage of the good prices,” Planet Fitness Regional Manager Matt Huff tells us.

GreatLIFE personal trainers say even though the first day of the new year hasn’t been too busy, they expect to see some new faces soon.

“Today has been super slow.  But in the next couple of weeks, it’ll probably pick up quite a bit.  you never know kind of, just have to wait and see how it is,” says GreatLIFE personal Trainer Gretta Gildemeister.

Planet Fitness aims to be good for the casual exerciser.

“We have a lot of first-time gym users and our goal is to create a non-intimidating atmosphere.  so when you come work out, you don’t feel intimidated, you feel like you belong,” says Huff.

But while you’re getting pumped up, be aware of when these gyms expect to be busy.

Huff says, “It’s usually between that 4 to 7 hour that’s going to be the busiest times.”

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