Lola’s Recovery Inspires Search for Additional Lost Pets

Lola Meets Volunteers Who Searched for Her at "Kiss-and-Greet"

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – “Lola” is a dog many people in Sioux Falls are now familiar with.

She spent seven days wandering in sub-zero temperatures, before she was eventually found this weekend, thanks to the help of thousands in the area.

Now her rescue is inspiring others to help find other pets that are still missing.

Today, little miss Lola is all tail wags and wiggles.

Happy to be reunited with her family after a week lost in the cold.

“i will forever be grateful to the city of Sioux Falls,” said Mandy Klinkhammer, Lola’s owner.

Lola got out Christmas Eve. Since then, hundreds have looked for her, and thousands worked *online to try to find her.

Her rescue came on Sunday.

“This is Murphy, the wonder dog!” said Susan Hurd, Murphy’s owner.

Murphy is credited as the four legged hero that discovered Lola.

“He started barking like mad, wouldn’t come in when I called him which is, unusual,” said Hurd.

When Murphy’s owner went to go investigate what he was barking at…

“Sure enough, right on the other side of the fence was Lola!”

A capture plan was put in place, and the rescue was caught on tape.

“She kind of smells Jayden and nudges her and then smells me and nudges me and then, we knew she was home,” said Klinkhammer.

Lola was cleared by the vet, and is now enjoying the many head rubs and kisses that come along with being back home.

“Everybody had a role, and I know we would never have gotten our girl back without the help of the community,” said Klinkhammer.

Lola’s miraculous return is proof of what can happen when people pool together.

“It’s a remarkable story, and unfortunately some other dogs don’t get that, that’s kind of why I’m out here searching today, searching for more dogs, giving those families hope,” said Trevor Evans, a search volunteer for “Finding Lilo.”

Many credit Lola’s rescue to the work of a Facebook page, where people posted sightings and coordinated search efforts.

Since her rescue, other pages have been created to help find other missing pets, including a little guy named Lilo:

The 9 month old King Charles Cavalier was last seen Sunday near W Winterberry Circle and Acacia Circle in Sioux Falls just after noon. Lilo weighs about 12 lbs. Anyone who may have seen him is asked to call (605)521-5395.

There is a $1,000 reward for his safe return.

“We’re trying to find everyone’s dog and trying to bring them home,” said Evans.

“Loving Lola” has also been a designated spot for other missing pets: