A Look At Smaller Sioux Falls Gyms

Sioux Falls, S.D.- As people begin the new year looking for a new gym to join, some have an interest in going with a smaller gym.

There are many positive features to working out at a smaller facility. some people like the smaller environment and the fact that most of the trainers and staff can remember who you are.

Primal personal trainer Dennis Timmerman says their workouts focus more on the body,specifically.

“We’re going to focus on, like i said, movement quality.  we’re going to make sure you go through each movement correctly.  it’s going to make results better, it’s going to get you better results, it’s going to keep you safer and it’s going to set you up for a long training career,” says Timmerman

Another cool feature about primal is they are equipped with a Vibrosaun massage machine.  The way the Australian designed machine works, you lay in a heated chamber that gets up to 180 degrees while it vibrates and massages sore muscles.

Primal is one of the handful of facilities in the world to have a Vibrosaun machine.

“I think what makes this gym stand out 100% is that people don’t feel intimidated,” says Koko Fitclub Co-Owner Jessica Schaap.

On the east-side of Sioux Falls, Koko Fitclub is a 24-hour facility that can cater to those looking for an different kind of workout.

Schaap says the digital trainer is, among other aspects, what makes Koko fitness unique.

“It guides your workout the whole way.  it picks your exercise, it picks your weight, it designs your program for you.  and even as you continue working out and you start getting stronger, we have algorithms on the machine, so it will adjust and give you harder workouts,” Schaap tells us.

Both gyms are offering deals to first-time members.  Primal is offering 25% off the first month of group fitness training while Koko Fitclub is offering a 30 day trial for $30.

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