AAA: Lower Number Of Tipsy Tow Users This Year

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – AAA says their Tipsy Tow service wasn’t that busy this New Years holiday.

During the middle of December, AAA and the Tipsy Tow service offered to tow your car and pick-up a driver and a passenger to take you home. The program ran in Rapid City, Sioux Falls, Mitchell and Yankton until 2 a.m. Tuesday morning.

While numbers were high for the service last year, AAA officials say there was a significant drop in tows and pick-ups this year compared to last year on New Year’s Eve and Day.

“Our records show that there were about 25 percent less number of calls over this year than last year and we think part of that is because it was so cold, that people just weren’t going out as much,” said Marilyn Buskohl. with AAA.

Buskohl also mentions that the demand was higher for jump-starts and winches during the entire month of December than in previous years.

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