Arsenal of Weapons, Tactical Gear Found in Brandon Woman’s Home

BRANDON, S.D. – Authorities found a fortified “bunker” in the basement in a Brandon woman’s home late December.
They say it was complete with stockpiled food, water, and an arsenal of weapons.

“During the search warrant, we found multiple weapons, up to 50 caliber rifles, thousands of rounds of ammunition, tactical vests. Tactical vests that were probably better than some polices departments have,” said Captain Jason Gearman of the Minnehaha County Sheriff’s Office.

The discovery of what was inside Artis Kattenberg’s home on Lakota Avenue in Brandon left authorities with several questions.

“What’s the purpose of having this? And what’s the purpose of renovating your basement to a bunker-type, stockpiling food, water?” asked Gearman.

Artis Kattenberg has no prior criminal record. She popped on authorities’ radar this past fall.

She and her son attended the “Netherlands Reformed Congregation” church in Rock Valley, Iowa.

In November and December, several congregation members raised concerns that Kattenberg and her son were bringing weapons to church.

In early December, the church sent Kattenberg a letter, asking the her and her son not to attend any longer.

Shortly after that letter was sent out, two church leaders reported finding bullet holes in their homes.

“A Sioux County deputy reached out, and contacted one of our officers, with some information that they believed the suspect in these shootings was a Brandon resident,” said Brandon Police Chief David Kull.

Kattenberg’s 16-year-old son is suspected in the shootings.

Brandon police brought in Kattenberg and her son in for questioning.

They say they quickly became concerned about Kattenberg’s mental stability.

“Comments that were made through the investigation of being government handled, microchips placed in brains, things like that, we felt this was a dangerous situation that was going to progress. Fairly quickly,” said Gearman.

An arrest warrant was issued, as well as a search warrant executed on her home.

The FBI and ATF are now working to identify the 80 plus weapons found inside.

Kattenberg is charged with child abuse for providing an unsafe home for her son.

Since Kattenberg’s son is a minor, authorities could not release information on the charges he is facing.

The investigation is being handled by authorities in Iowa as well, where Kattenberg is charged with terrorism and criminal mischief.

She is being held in the Minnehaha County Jail on a $100,000 bond.

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