Car vs. Tow Truck Situation Stresses the Importance of “Move Over” Law



CHESTER, S.D. – Every year, the South Dakota Highway Patrol stresses the importance of the “Move Over Law” that requires people to slow down and move over when driving past parked emergency vehicles with flashing lights.

A video taken last week shows the danger if you don’t.  It was captured by a charter bus on Interstate 29 near the Madison exit.

“Motorists get interrupted with their cellphones or phone calls or not always paying attention or whatever it is and something like this happens,” said Steve Heyn, owner of Steve’s Tire & Service Inc. in Chester.

Heyn said he felt sick when he first watched this video showing a car launching up onto one of his tow trucks.

The tow truck driver was in the median, working to pull a stuck vehicle out of the snow. Luckily, he wasn’t hurt.

“He was a little shook up. I mean, he was pretty wound up when got back. He, thank God, was not on it or near it,” said Heyn.

Heyn says this video is a perfect example of why the move over law is in place and why it’s so important.

“No one wants to slow down or get over, and we’re out there all the time and until you experience it you really don’t know.”

It was this tow truck driver’s second near miss. Heyn says his drivers experience situations like this all the time, but this is first time they have it on video.

“Our driver told us about it, and I didn’t really think much of it until the trooper told us to view that, and then I saw it and I was like, ‘Oh my God,” said Heyn.

Troopers haven’t found the person who drove up onto the truck.

“It ended and he backed off and continued on his way,” said Heyn.

But Heyn says his message to that driver is simple.

“Move over and those lights are flashing for a reason you know? We just all when we go out want to go home to our family or our kids at the end of the day so just slowdown”

A violation of South Dakota’s Move Over Law is a class 2 misdemeanor, which is punishable by a fine of $200 and/or 60 days in jail.