Newly Exposed Security Flaws in Your Phones

Three steps to take now as hardware fix isn't easy, or coming soon

There are big problems in the core hardware of Intel chips (and some chips from other manufacturers) that can only be fixed by buying new machines with the new chips, Chris Prendergast, Chief Strategy Officer with Click Rain, tells KDLT. The problem is, it may be awhile before manufacturers figure out how to fix the issue.

“It’s going to take manufacturers multiple years and millions of dollars to come up with a permanent solution,” said Prendergast. “For now, the best thing we can do as computer and phone users is to make sure that our operating systems are updated. For Windows and Mac computers, the latest patches solve for many of the vulnerabilities that Spectre and Meltdown have created. People get annoyed by the update notifications, but it’s honestly the best way to stay protected.”

In general, these are the three best three things Prendergast says that people can do for security:

1) Keep your operating system and browsers patched and up-to-date
2) Use secure passwords that are unique for each website — or to make it easier, use a password manager like LastPass or 1Password
3) Use a security lock on your phone– either the numerical code, the swipe code, the thumbprint, or the FaceID (on the new iPhones)

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