Self Defense Class Helps People to ‘Prepare for the Worst’

SIOUX FALLS, SD- January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month and two organizations teamed up to use this as an opportunity to educate the public.

To prepare for the worst, Fallout Shelter Ministry and Call to Freedom are teaching others to pay attention to their surroundings and defend themselves with a two hour long self defense class.

“They’re going to have a little idea on how to save their own life. It’s like CPR for yourself,” said Head Instructor Richard Ohm. 

They want people to have tools ready for the unexpected.

“We believe in a community that is empowered to protect themsevles. It’s all about preventing as well, for individuals getting into sex trafficking situations and so we feel like these classes are definietly going to equip people to do that,” said Becky Rasmussen, Executive Director of Call to Freedom. 

Human Trafficking is the second leading crime in the United States and is happing right here in South Dakota. While everyone hopes it won’t happen to them, they feel a lot better due to the techniques they’ve learned.

“In those situations where you’re a little uncomfortable thinking about okay if this happens what am I going to do how am I going to respond,” said participant Darci Hustrulid. 

Not only did they learn how to fight back, but how to stay aware, so that they don’t walk into bad situations.

“If we are walking by ourselves in strange situations to think about where we are at and what’s around us. Be present in the moment and not allow ourselves to get distracted,” said Hustrulid. 

Kids, men and women are all encouraged to learn these skills. To sign up for a self defense class with Fallout Shelter Ministry click here. They also offer classes such as Tae Kwon Do, MMA and boxing.

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