Car Washes Affected By Cold Weather

Sioux Falls, S.D.- With the cold weather coming through Sioux Falls this winter season, and this upcoming week, car washes have seen an inconsistent line of business.

Car washes will see an influx of cars coming their way after snowstorms and once the roads clear up.

That’s usually the time people will want to get their car rinsed off from all that road salt.

Fast car wash staff say as long as there’s road salt on the ground, they will still be able to stay busy.

“If there’s not road salt out, it’s average, not real busy, kind of a slow pace.  As long as there’s salt out on the road, it doesn’t really matter what the temperature is as long as the roads aren’t sloppy,” says Manager Ron Winer

Winer also says the days with very cold wind chills are usually the slowest times for the wash.

But with these recent breaks of warmer days in between, winter business is doing okay.

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