Sioux Falls Brewery Debuts Vikings-Themed Beer

Sioux Falls, S.D.- “Why not make a beer to tribute to the team that I’ve watched through all of the tears and all the joy and everything in between,” says Remedy Brewing Co-Owner and Chief Science Officer Tyler Jepperson.

Remedy Brewing Company in downtown Sioux Falls unveiled their newest beer to the public the day the Minnesota Vikings face off against the New Orleans saints in the NFC Divisional playoff game.

It’s called the Remedy Skolberry, and Jepperson says there was a very high demand for the beer before it was even released.

“Unfortunately we put it up on social media.  And then people come in yesterday decked in Vikes gear like ‘I want the Skolberry’.  And it was kind of those things like ‘Oh! I got to send you home because it’s not on tap quite yet, but come down tomorrow,” says Jepperson.

Along with a five-point-six percent alcohol by volume content, the special wheat ale contains over 200 pounds of blueberry puree in a single batch.

Jepperson says Skolberry has been a massive success.

“This one kind of tops the charts, there’s been a lot of phone calls and a lot of people coming in, ‘ Can i have crawlers, can i have crawlers, can i get it early?’ No sorry, sorry you got to come and get it.  Again, there’s a limited amount of it, when it’s gone, it’s gone,” Jepperson tells us.

During Skolberry’s opening hour, Jpperson says they’ve already gone through ten gallons of the special beer.

This debut of the ale also coincided with a viewing party for the Vikings playoff game.  Jepperson says it was a tough transition to turn a brewery into a make-shift sports bar for the day.

“We don’t generally blast the game audio through the system speakers, so we had to figure out a quick way to duct-tape and bubblegum that together.  Bring in a few more TV’s so everyone can watch the game and make it overall comfortable and make the flow so no one is blocking TV’s, everyone is getting a beer in a short time and food is flying out as fast as can be.”

According to Jepperson, there are no current plans to brew more Skolberry, but says if the demand is high enough, he’s going to give the people what they want.

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